The Great Holiday Cookie Swap: Bonus Material for Diwali!

Happy Diwali: Parent and Teacher Materials!!

If you have read THE GREAT HOLIDAY COOKIE SWAP, you know that the cookies might be bickering to this day if it weren’t for the wise peaceful words of Nan Khatai. Although Indian food generally does not involve lots of cookies, the lightly scented cardamom shortbread Nan Khatai is a favorite of many and a great way to celebrate the holiday of lights, Diwali, which starts its celebrations today, November 14th!

Learn how to make your own candles to celebrate Diwali — in the shape of Nan Khatai, the heroic shortbread from THE GREAT HOLIDAY COOKIE SWAP! Then read the book together or make the cookies to enjoy by candlelight!

Click the link below the candle to download the instructions!

Happy Diwali!!

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