Fall Writing Frenzy: Read my Entry!

Greetings and happy fall!

This month, I am entering a kidlit writing contest called “Fall Writing Frenzy” (Hence the blog post title)! As part of the contest, I am sharing my entry here on my blog. Writers are asked to take inspiration from one of 14 fall-themed images. Entries must be less than 200 words, can be any form (board book, picture book text, poem, short story, etc.) as long as they are appropriate for a young audience. If you’d like to read more about the contest and see the other images or read other entries, please check out the blog post from hosts Lydia Lukidis and Kaitlyn Sanchez!

“Fall” Photo credit by John Mccann for Unsplash

Awaiting the Procession
Entry for “Fall Writing Frenzy” 2022

When I was a tree, I stood so tall– 
Straight at attention, standing guard
Along the path where you would tread. 
My sisters and I proudly threw our leaves to line your path,
Their colors a kaleidoscope of welcome.
Even the stones, who shrug the seasons with indifference year after year,
Appeared to glisten with expectancy.
The moss and lichens glowed along our flanks 
Like shimmer on a princess’ cheek.
My limbs not quite as limber as in seasons past, 
But still I waved them, ready to salute.
Would you pass by today, dear mother, to inspect your work?
Would we be blessed to catch a glimpse of you in your autumnal dress?
Your name is in the whispers of the wind,
Who rumors in hushed tones: it’s Time. She comes.
-Melanie M. Kyer , October 2022