Waiting room reading…


My son had a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday, and I was really impressed with the quality of the reading material in the waiting room. Sure, there were a few really dog-eared Mickey Mouse “Little Golden Books” and some older books which were obviously donations, but several were published within the last three years, which is pretty unusual for a hospital waiting room.

Three that struck me:

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A date at the bookstore…

Since it’s school vacation week in Maine and I’m a teacher, I’ve got the week off. My husband and I dropped the kids at childcare and went off on a date this morning — first for breakfast, then to Barnes & Noble. I spent over an hour in the children’s section reading and people watching (both important tasks for a writer) while he browsed the science fiction section and drank coffee.

As a result, I have a handful of book reviews to share…

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Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome!

…to my new blog! Sorry, it’s not a Cabaret, but we already have life for that. So let’s move on. Thanks for dropping by my journey through the world of words and writing.  Most of my posts will concentrate on picture books, but as I’m also a German teacher and a poet, there will be other occasional observations on related topics. Stop by or subscribe if you’re interested in picture book reviews, advice and commiseration about writing/publishing, and information about writing contests.

Danke! Merci! Thanks!