20181022_134013I’m a German teacher and writer living in southern Maine. In addition to teaching and writing (primarily poetry and children’s books, but I’ll write anything!) I love to cook, play games (all sorts), travel, sing, play the piano and recorder (and a little ukulele), play online and of course play with my two boys. My debut picture book, “The Great Holiday Cookie Fight” will release on October 15, 2020 with illustrations by Joe Kulka. It is published by Pelican Publishing. Add it to your “want to read” list at Goodreads!

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    1. Hi! Thanks for reading! I’m pretty new to wordpress and blogging (though I used to have an online journal with “livejournal” years ago), so I can’t help too much, but if you are looking on my blog, in the lower right corner you should see a little button that says “follow”. If you click that, it will bring you to a page where you either sign in or create your own wordpress account. You don’t have to actually create a blog to have an account. From there, you figure out what blogs you want to follow (“subscribe” to) and then you’ll get an email whenever I (or anyone else you follow) make a new post. Or, if you want to go more low-tech, just bookmark my page and check back from time to time. My goal is to post once a week, but as I’m a full time teacher and also currently mentoring a writing contest, that may not always happen. Again, thanks for stopping by!


      1. Hi Melanie. We have things in common (except of writing). We are both musical. While I don’t play the piano (played guitar in my youth) I sing very well and wrote some songs. I also know many songs from Germany and wrote a YA fiction set partly in Germany. Nice to read your blog. By the way, are three historical German women that some can write picture book about them, and could do well in the US and Germany, if you are interested to write – Berta Benz, Melitta Benz and Herta Heuwer.


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