If you liked… (PB Reviews and Recommendations)

sept17booksI haven’t had a new blog post in a bit, and if you have been following me, you  know why — not only am I a high school teacher busy with new classes, but I also just wrapped up a poetry exhibit at the local library.  (More on that later…) So, it was great to dive into the children’s literature world again for a while and immerse myself in some great books I’ve been wanting to read.

My focus in this blog is on recent books, often those which have had a bit of Twitter buzz. I try to avoid books by big celebrities (no offense, Chelsea Clinton, Ree Drummond, or Nathan Lane– your books are awesome, but you hardly need my press!).  So, in deciding to pick books today by authors who already have big bestsellers I love, I have to apologize to all those folks with their very first books out — I’ll get to you next time!

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